This food was delicious, fairly priced, good portions and prompt service. My fiance and I ordered the Kim Chi Sushi Ball and Cheese Corn for appetizers. As for our entrees, we looked at the pictures on Yelp to help us pick. I ordered the Nissan (pork dish) and Cheese Ddeokbokki. The sauce for the Ddeokbokki was the perfect amount of spice. I would definitely recommend coming to this place.
— Joe N. on Yelp

When asked what inspired them to start cooking and start a restaurant, Rainpia's owner Jung Suh simply replied "just for the love of cooking." That's one of the best reasons to make food right? According to many online reviews, the passion behind the food is very evident. All of the recipes at Rainpia are homemade and customer favorites include riceballs, shaved ice, fried chicken and steamed pork belly. When you go, remember that all of the dishes served are prepped as they are ordered, so your meal might take a few extra minutes to make it to your table but we're assured it will be worth the wait. 



10194 Baltimore National
Pike Ellicott City,MD 21042

(410) 418-8992